Unveil the potency of SONUS™

Access unprecedented analytics of large disease-specific surveys to HCPs to help you find answers to questions that really matter

Dig deep to uncover the knowledge and motivations behind prescribers’ actions

Why do doctors choose one brand or product over another while treating a disease? Are there unmet clinical needs for which doctors desire a new solution? How impactful is your marketing and sales activity in shaping prescriber mindset? Why do pharmacists switch from one brand to another? SONUS™ answers these questions and more through data carefulluy curated twice annually
SONUS™ is a state-of-the-art research data visualization platform that takes you on a journey into how healthcare professionals think and behave.

SONUS™ keeps your team updated with prescriber choices and behaviour

SONUS™ is updated twice a year so that your team is never caught unaware of changes in prescribers’ brand choice and behavior. SONUS™ offers teams the invaluable insight that could unravel new growth opportunities and yardstick for assessing effectiveness of resource utilization.

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