INVISIO™ Use case

Market intelligence to identify prescription drivers for antithrombotic product.

The Purpose

The client wanted to investigate sources of business for a priority antithrombic brand.

Analysis of anonymized patient data

Analysis of anonymised patient data to uncover drivers of antithrombic products utilisation in patients at risk of stroke and other cardiovascular events, towards helping a client investigate sources of business for a priority brand.

Assessing effectiveness of marketing communication and brand positioning

Mapped prescribed product for disease diagnosed in a predefined cohort of patients, to assess doctors’ preference and patient opportunity for each class of products prescribed. Supported client in assessing effectiveness of marketing communication to shape mind of prescribers and for forecasting patient forecasting. Support provided for the client included;

Evidence to support strategy development and patient forecasting

Supported client with analysis of anonymised diabetic patient data to provide insight on prescriber drug class, molecule, and dosage preference, to aid strategy development.

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