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Don’t guess the market; plan with facts


VERSUS™ is a real non-observational pharmacy sell-out data of what is sold daily, weekly, monthly and all-year to help you assess your brand share, competition, price dynamics, patient medicines use trend, and opportunities.


INVISIO™ gives you quick access to real-world disease diagnosis and opportunity, patient flow, physician treatment preference and competitive landscape and prescription landscape in the country.


SONUS™ helps you uncover new opportunities from insight on doctors and pharmacists knowledge and behaviours.It provides access to unprecedented data and insight captured from face-to-face interview of doctors and pharmacists in major disease diagnosis, treatment, and dispensing centres in the country.


Marketsizer™ provides access to standardized data and analysis of multi-year import data of more than 7,000 brands and 78 therapy areas to help you assess the potential market sizes of different therapy areas and market share of brands. The IMS Equivalent provides projected sales in-market derived from statistical models with built-in market factor variations.


Pharmacovigilance™ provides adverse drug reaction reporting form to report and submit cases from drug management, misuse, or effect.

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