Primary Market Research

Our Life Sciences Primary Market Research Practice

As a life science-focused research agency, we combine our strong local knowledge, knowledge of global best practices, market research, data science, medical affairs, consulting, and pharmaceutical and medical marketing competencies to deliver projects that help you with needed insights to help you uncover and leverage new and latent opportunities for growth.

What do we have to offer?

Our multi-channel, stakeholder, cross-functional and segment capabilities enable us to support you with any of the below whilst also open to discuss other bespoke studies not listed below:

How are we different from other Agencies?

We are more than just a market research agency. As a group of experienced pharmaceutical, medical, data science, market research, biostatistics, and project management professions, we can engage you and your target audience at a level not demonstrated by other agencies.
With both in-clinic, market, and academic knowledge of critical disease and therapy areas including infectious, cardiovascular, oncology, and metabolic diseases, we possess the versatility to deliver on your requirements.

What do we have to offer?

Our team comprises primary market research, data science, biostatistics, consulting, medical, and field project management professionals. Each of our team members bring their respective expertise to help us provide cross-functional solutions to our clients.

Our Research Methodologies

We have hands-on experience delivering large scale and local research projects. We understand the local healthcare dynamics, language of healthcare practitioners and patients you are looking to engage.
Our aim is to first understand your research objectives whilst also working with you to agree on the most appropriate approach to delivering on your expectations, working within agreed timelines and budget. We are able to deliver utilizing different approaches including:

Our clients

We support diverse group of clients to achieve desired research objectives.
These include:

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