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We guide companies to real opportunities in life sciences.

Who we are

There is an exceptional opportunity for life sciences. In addition, companies are experiencing flattened growth of developed markets, expiration of patents leading to the up-selling of less expensive generic drugs, and tight regulations enforced in mature markets. To succeed demands having the right local insight, product portfolio, team, strategy, and tactics. PBR was established in 2015 with the aim of helping pharmaceutical companies leverage the opportunities in these markets by offering tailored solutions that optimize commercial success and overcome the evident challenges in the region.

Our Vision

To be a leading enabler of success in life sciences, leveraging the power of data, technology, and people.

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We are constantly screening candidates with experience or qualification in the to join our team.

Primary Market Research

We help you with needed insights to help you uncover and leverage new and latent opportunities for growth.


INVISIO™ points you in the right direction for perpetual growth, and dominance in the market.

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