Uncover Market Opportunities with INVISIO™

INVISIO™ offers access to real-world diagnosis and prescription data that uncover unprecedented insight into the lifescience landscape.

Access Real Growth Sources

The lifescience landscape is quite competitive and challenging. Measuring the impact of marketing decisions and prescribers’ preference can pose some quite daunting challenges. INVISIO™ provides you a real-world disease diagnosis and prescription data to point you in the right direction for perpetual growth, market understanding and dominance in the market. Incorporating INVISIO™ into your pharma business gives you access to carefully gathered anonymized clinic and dispensing data with filters to help you dig deeper into the sources of new opportunities and growth drivers, while also aiding performance assessment of your brands.

INVISIO™ Disease Analytics Dashboard

In-clinic disease incidence analysis.

Evidence generation

Physician prescribing behavior and brand preference

Measuring impact of marketing campaigns, and patient forecasting

Brand performance assessment, competitive landscape assessment generation

INVISIO™ Prescription Analytics Dashboard

Brand and generics prescription mapping to doctors’ diagnosis

Brand and generics prescription share of therapy area (using WHO ATC classification), dosage, and doctors’ clinical specialty

And other bespoke analytics delivered to answer your specific questions

Growing database

With database statistically representative of more than 300 diseases, we are constantly growing our database to confidently answer your questions.

Data protection

We prioritize the privacy of patients and healthcare professionals and have in place strict measures to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Return on investment

Our ultimate goal is to help you extract maximum returns from every service we offer, and we would not stop until we see that happen.

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